Case Study: BPO Valuation Reporting

Client: Nationwide Loan Servicer

The Problem

Our client, a nationwide loan servicer, contacted us with an urgent order to complete 10 BPOs for REO properties. Their goal was to get the value quickly and accurately so they could list the properties within the following week without simply “dumping” them at a significant discount.

The Solution

While completing such a large order with such short notice was a daunting task, we accepted the challenge and utilized all members of our team to physically inspect, photograph and evaluate all 10 properties within 48 hours. We understood that while speed was the objective, accuracy was imperative. Therefore, we cleared our calendar and focused exclusively on completing a thorough assessment and valuation for each property.  Our service to the client didn’t end there. We listed all properties within 5 days of the initial assignment and sold all properties within 120 days with an average 93% BPO value to sales price execution rate.