Case Study: Occupant Negotiation and Relocation

Client: Local Community Bank

The Problem

It is an unfortunate reality, but rental scams are on the rise.  In this situation, the scammers took advantage of a vulnerable family with special needs.  The tenants were moved into a property illegally unbeknownst to them. To make matters worse, the property was under contract and there was a buyer ready to close within a week. The occupants had given the scammer a large sum of money and had already incurred moving expenses. They were out of money and had nowhere to go.  Meanwhile, the buyer would not close on the property with unauthorized occupants in place.

The Solution

Clearly the occupants had been duped and didn’t know where to turn or who to trust. ParkVue Realty stepped in set their mind at ease.  We were able to find a non-profit organization that assists occupants with special needs and find them suitable housing.  We put the occupants in contact with the non-profit organization who was able to find new housing and facilitated the move within 60 days.  We were also able to work with the buyer and convinced them to remain in the deal until the property was vacant. Ultimately we closed the deal with the original buyer and no additional expense to our client.