REO & Default Services

Partnering with our asset management and real estate marketing team will make the difference in the timely liquidation of your defaulted loan and property portfolio. We help banks, lenders, loan servicers and investors evaluate, workout, manage and market real estate assets. We focus on providing an accurate value, positive net execution, high sales to initial BPO ratios and low aged invetory.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to dispose thousands of properties since 2003. Our accomplishment has allowed us to help hundreds of families achieve homeownership and assist hundreds of investors build wealth. Most importantly this lead to the improvement of many communities while ultimately creating a positive impact for thousands of people involved throughout the entire process.

Our coverage area is 60 miles around the Chicago and Miami market areas.


  • BPO valuation reporting
  • Borrower outreach and workout strategy
  • Occupant negotiation and relocation
  • Property inspection reporting
  • Receivership and probate services
  • Municipality compliance coordination
  • Property management
  • Construction contracting and oversight
  • Preservation and maintenance services
  • Utility management and expense payment
  • Marketing, promotion and sales
  • Offer negotiation and closing services

Trade Associations & Certifications

  • Member of REOMAC
  • Member of NRBA
  • Short Sales & Foreclosure Resoruce Certification
  • Equator,, Pyramid, Cascade Trained
    • Fannie Mae Trained
    • Freddie Mac Trained
    • HUD / VA / FDIC Trained
    • A-REO Certified


Coverage Area Map

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Case Studies

Offers Negotiation and Sales

80 year old defaulted co-op building sucessfully sold.

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Marketing and Promotions

How to market the The Historic Wrigley Mansion that was taken back through foreclosure.

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Utility Tracking and Property Expense Payment

Slapped with huge water bill from the City of Chicago.

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Preservation and Maintenance Services

Frozen pipes? Not problem!

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Construction Contracting and Oversight

Dealing with contractors not getting construction permits.

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Property Management

Long term or interim property management.

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Municipality Compliance Coordination

City compliance is not only who you know but how to properly meet stringent requirements.

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Receivership and Probate Services

We untangle a messy failed HOA and abaondoned condominium building.

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Property Inspection Reporting

Injured occupant left behind five cats.

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Occupant Negotiation and Relocation

Rental scams are on the rise.

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